WordPress Development

From a mind-blowing one-page WordPress website to a fully-fledged sale generating WooCommerce store with premium features and integrations, we can build it for you.

Why WordPress done by us?

We build for stability & performance.

You’re in control

In the end, it’s your store, on your domain, and on your server. No hidden fees, no strings attached. We’re here to help if you need it and we have dedicated but optional maintenance services. Of course, we can later help integrate additional features, when you want or when you need them. Easy and flexible.

You impose the limits

There are no product limits, category limits, or anything like that. Your WordPress installation can run and hold as much as your server can or as much as you need. We never add constraints or remove features. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform and very cost-effective when it comes to extending its functionality.

We’ve got your back

We’re here for you. Even if we don’t impose maintenance contracts or any constraints, you can count on us when you have a problem, be it a bug or administrative know-how. As a client, you have priority in terms of any future developments, adjustments, or additions.


$ 1300

one-time payment
  • Child theme based on premium theme
  • Customised front-end
  • Upgrade friendly
  • Basic security & performance optimizations
  • Everything needed for a well performing website (one page or multi-page) or blog


$ 1900

one-time payment
  • Everything in Bronze +
  • Advanced design adjustments, focusing on better lead attraction or higher revenue in case of a blog monetized with ads or affiliate programs
  • Advanced performance optimizations
  • Custom functionalities included
  • Extra on demand functionalities included
  • Advanced shop features with WooCommerce – recommended for up to 100 products
  • Integration with Google Dynamic remarketing and Google Shopping if needed
  • Integration with Facebook Ads if needed
  • 5% lifetime discount on any WpSolvent plan


$ 2700

one-time payment
  • Everything in Silver +
  • Custom theme developed from scratch or third-party premium theme, stripped down for performance
  • Advanced performance features, for blazing fast loading times
  • Truly unique, with a premium mobile-first design
  • Advanced UX optimizations
  • Advanced custom features included, tailored for your specific needs
  • Advanced integrations based on API and/or feeds (CSV/XML)
  • basic ERP/CRM integrations
  • 5% lifetime discount on any WpSolvent plan


$ 4200

one-time payment
  • Everything in Gold +
  • Top of the line WordPress theme, tailored for your business
  • Premium customizations frontend/backend
  • Advanced on-demand functionalities
  • Complete optimizations. Store – server – CDN
  • Complete ERP integrations
  • Two months of maintenance on us. So we can further tweak your store for extra performance and help you get on your way with using WordPress optimally.
  • 5% lifetime discount on any WpSolvent plan

Every WordPress website/blog or WooCommerce Store we build comes with:

  • Free consultation on choosing a hosting plan or server for your store
  • SSL installation*
  • E-mail set-up
  • CDN set-up*
  • Google Analytics integration + custom goals
  • Google Ads integration
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Live Chat Services integration
  • Free integration with most shipping carriers
  • Free integration with most online payment services
  • Shipping & billing set up as per your requirements
  • GDPR compliance features like delete my data, cookie pop-up
  • Integration with web push notification services*
  • Custom contact forms with unlimited fields and field types
  • and everything WordPress can do. We don’t limit your platform or hide features.

* = requires at least the Silver plan for the feature to be included for free. Some features might require your purchase/account creation first.

Are there more plans?

Please keep in mind that the cost of your platform can vary.
Pricing varies based on the features of your WordPress website or store needs and other details. We’ll always discuss the final pricing and your needs before starting any project. So we can make sure you’ll get what you want and the pricing is clear and transparent.

The price agreed upon is the final price of the project. There are no hidden fees or monthly payments or anything else.


We do not offer discounts at this time.

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