Web development & other services

We offer personalized web development services, covering a wide range of platforms and CMSs, including WordPress and Magento, as well as bespoke web applications.

Our experience includes working with Magento 1.x, Magento 2.x, OpenMage LTS, WordPress and WooCommerce, Prestashop, Drupal, Open Cart, as well as numerous independent platforms and custom CMSs or web platforms and applications built from scratch.

Over the years and through the configurations encountered, we have also gained extensive experience in working with and optimizing various Linux services, stacks, and servers that serve specific roles (database server, online store, etc.).

How we can help

We handle the most challenging tasks for a wide selection of web platforms and applications. We can help your business by solving the biggest problems or optimizing exactly what you need. We also deal with conducting precise and efficient audits and many other digital services.

Development services:

  • debugging and solving code issues
  • performance optimizations for code/platform
  • technical SEO optimizations
  • automations
  • integrations

Linux services:

  • web server optimizations (Requires a prior audit! Includes resolving issues from the audit, which may consist of: optimizing the operating system, network optimization, I/O optimization, setting up a firewall, optimizing MariaDB/Percona, optimizing HTTPD (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, etc.), optimizing PHP, optimizing the control panel, setting up web browser caching, and other specific operations)
  • security hardening (Security hardening – SSH, FTP, MySQL, Apache/HTTP settings, protection against brute force attacks, firewall and network, web applications, etc.)
  • specific PHP optimizations (Strip down PHP, use only the necessary extensions for applications, set up caching, optimize php.ini, verify code compatibility with the installed PHP version)
  • set up CDN (whether we are talking about Cloudflare or BunnyCDN)

we’re working with both Debian distributions and RHEL distributions


  • A comprehensive web server audit – a complete analysis of the server, from the operating system to the last available service, with the aim of identifying performance, security, and stability gaps
  • Linux server security audit
  • application security audit (WordPress/Magento/PrestaShop/OpenCart or other PHP-based CMS)
  • Speed/performance audit for WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento (including artificial tests like PageSpeed, as well as real-time response and usage, both in the frontend and backend – identifying issues and bottlenecks, evaluating overall performance and code)
  • Accessibility audit – checks for accessibility standards such as WCAG, accessibility verification for all users, including those with disabilities
  • Usability audit – evaluation of the user interface and user experience, applicable to both customers/users and employees for order operators’ interfaces, assessing ease of navigation, content clarity, and overall user-friendliness
  • Technical SEO audit – examination of the structure, specific technical optimizations that facilitate proper indexing, speed, SSL implementation, and accuracy in displaying on mobile devices


  • Technical consulting – assistance in choosing the appropriate technologies and platforms for web projects, evaluating and improving the architecture of an existing system
  • Digital strategy consulting – developing digital strategies to enhance online presence and improve customer interaction

An audit and/or consulting does not necessarily include the resolution of the discovered problems. In addition to the audit results, you will also receive an ‘action plan’ that can assist you in case you do not engage our services to address the identified issues. Each audit also comes with a cost/time estimate for resolving the identified problems.

How does it work?

We only work with a service contract and an invoice.

The contract includes a work plan as an annex, which describes the operations to be performed. It is possible to attach both an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or a data processing annex if necessary.

Most audit and Linux service types require the use of a VPS/cloud/dedicated server with system access. This is necessary to fully evaluate the systems and to install any necessary analysis tools (analysis may take 24/48 hours depending on the case).


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