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We craft premium logos and build bold brand manuals, for companies that want to stand out. Unique and pixel-perfect, our premium design services are usually a reference point when you need something done properly.

Why a logo made by Sinners Projects?

Because your need a unique logo, vector, easy to use online and offline, and designed to look good on any background and in any arangement. We will deliver a competent design that will help you maintain a coherent image no matter the industry you operate in.

You’re in control

In the end, the design is yours. The final work alongside other resources and extras are completely yours to have and own.

We won’t reserve any right over the design you can trademark it or do whatever you want with it. But we would love it if you would allow us to show off your logo in our portfolio.


We only work with vectors. Your logo and any design consists of pure vectors. This means you can use and print your logo at any size. From a letterhead to a skyscraper. The print tehnology is the limit.

This guarantees that wherever you choose to place your logo, it will look pixel-perfect and sharp.

Variants and extras

Any logo we make comes with multiple variants, based on the aprooved design. If the design allows, you’ll receive a file with each variant: color, graysscale, white and black. We deliver these files so we can make sure that you are able to show off your logo on any background and any medium.

Besides this, you get little extras like social media covers, favicons,, realistic mockups and other goodies so you can look sharp everywhere.

A small part of the logos we crafted

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do you also print?

    No. Sinners Projects does not offer printing services.

    The pricing shown on this page refers to the price of the design and what we deliver are the digital vectors and other extra files.

    The logo design will be delivered in diferent vector formats (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) but in raster variants at various sizes also (.PNG and .JPG) so you can use it right away even if you don’t have a program to open vector files.

    The vectorial logo will also be delivered in diferent variants, based on how the design allows us: color, grayscale, white and black.

    The files and templates for social media will be delivered as raster files (.PNG/.JPG) to be easy to set and use. Where aplicable, you will get PDF files and Photoshop templates.

    We always discuss the final price and your needs before starting any project. We want to make sure you know what you get, what to expect and that everything is transparent. This being said, if you need aditional graphic design services or multiple designs at once we can formulate a per project price.

    There are no hidden fees or additional taxes. The price we settled on is the final price you need to pay.

    Remember!  We do not print. You will need a printer or a firm that handles phisycal printing to print your designs.

    We believe in separation of tasks so everyone can do what they are best at. And print shops and firms are very specialized in printing your files according to your needs and they usually have the required machinery to bring your design to any material.

    Most of the times, payment is made 50% upfront and 50% after the project ends and you receive your design files.

    After the final payment, as per our contract, we have no rights on the designs. They are yours to do as you please with them, even trademark them.

    We can, on demand, maintain a copy of your files on our secured local and offline server. In case you lose them we can resend them to you. We usually do not do this unless you specificaly ask us. But we never re-use your design or parts of it for someone else.

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