If you already have your Figma design, specially made for your website or store, we can help you bring it online by using Wordpress.
Complete with any personalized layouts and animations.

Why WordPress built by Sinners Projects?
We build for stability & performance.

We understand a modern business’s requirements and provide intelligent solutions that are secure, stable, and performant (and we’re talking both page load speed as well as conversions).

You’re in control

At the end of the day, it’s your website/store on your domain and your server.

We do not use hidden taxes or dependencies from us. We’re here to help, but you are not obliged to sign a maintenance or support contract with us. We don’t lock people & clients in a box.

You impose the limits

There are no pages, categories, products, articles, attributes, or limits. Your server is the limit, and that’s it. We do not limit functionalities or remove functionalities. We can help you with personalizing your administrative interface to make it easier to use by you or your employees.

WordPress and WooCommerce represent a great affordable, and scaleable solution to get things up and running fast while maintaining professionalism.

We’ve got your back

We’re here for you. A WordPress installation made by us has priority. That means that even if you don’t have a maintenance plan or support hours active with us, we’re here to help at any time if you run into any issue, need a new feature or you just have a general question.

Every WordPress made by Sinners Projects comes with:

  • Free consulting in picking your server or host
  • Free consulting for getting around in this crowded online space – tehnical as well as business-centric discution
  • Instalation and configuration – we can even set up your stack, including SSL
  • Setting up e-mails
  • Setting up your CDN, if you use one
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Live chat integration
  • Setting up a development instance
  • Courier integration for any courier that offers a WooCommerce extension
  • Payment integration with any payment processor that offers a WooCommerce extension
  • Complete set-up of the whole shipping and billing sections, so you can start selling asap
  • Completely legal, as per the country your store operates in
  • GDPR ready
  • Integration with WebPush systems
  • Integration with newsletter services
  • Personalized contact forms, with no limits (fields, types of fields, files, etc.) with anti-spam protection
  • A lot of tests are done to check everything before launch. So your installation will look good, as well as run as expected

+ everything WordPress/WooCommerce can do. We never hide or limit anything.

What do we need, in order to start?

We need your Figma design to be finished. We’d prefer if the whole layout of your website or store is finished by the time we actually start work. This will help us estimate a timeframe and a price better, as well as avoid any delays duo to complicated or structural design modifications after the development work has been done. Of course, we can work with any design tool not only Figma.

Ideally, each page should have a desktop and a mobile variant. This way, there won’t be any delays due to discussions on how the design should look on a certain device.

Ready to start?

Contact us!

    Frequently asked questions

    Is hosting included in the price?

    No. Sinners Projects does not offer hosting or web hosting services.

    The prices shown here are informative (the offer you will receive can be lower/higher than the prices shown based on your project’s requirements) and represent a one-time fee. We work project-based.

    Excluding text pages such as ‘terms and conditions’, all pages that have their own design in Figma or another tool cost extra.

    For example, in a store with 10 products and 3 static pages + homepage that have designs in Figma for: product page, homepage, and the 3 pages, the price is 600 € (fixed setup cost) + 1500 € (pages).

    In case the product page, as a page type, can have multiple layouts depending on various factors (whether each product is unique or depending on the category), each layout is charged as a separate page.

    Our prices vary based on what you need. The prices shown on this page are meant to give you an idea on how much would a professional WordPress/WooCommerce webiste/store will cost.

    Most of the time, we require 50% upfront after signing the contract, and 50% when the project is done and it is live.

    We work with the latest available versions at the time. We pre-check everything to make sure we won’t run into new bugs or problems because of the latest version, as well as test plugin compatibility. We only use reputable plugin vendors and closely inspect everything before making the decision to use something in one of our customer’s websites/stores.

    We do use a couple of premium modules, that are used based on the project’s requirements. This means that because we have a developer/extended licence, you website/store might get it too if its needed. Examples: WProcket, GeneratePress Premium, etc.

    See all the FAQ here