Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most often asked questions we get from collaborators, clients and other visitors.

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Do you offer free consultancy?

In a limit, yes.

What do you mean premium?

By premium, we refer to the care we offer to the customer – bot through our work but with our customer service too. Everything we do is well thought so each client can get the best results, exactly as they are expecting. Our top-notch and fast support is also premium, as in we take the time to make sure our clients know how to use the products we create and help them along the way. And our problem-solving skills are top-notch and never waste anyones time.

We’re here to impose as a superior digital studio in terms of quality. From support, development, or design to any interraction we have with a customer.

Only companies?

Yes, we only work with companies.

I want a clone of that website

We don’t clone stuff. We can get inspired but 1:1 copying is not something you should want.

Why? Just because it worked for that company, that does not mean that a design/feature will work for your company.

How can I pay?

Bankwire or PayPal. We only work with an invoice and a service contract that we both agree to before starting the actual work.

On big projects, we might need to ask a 20-50% advance to ensure we can deal with the complexity and procure the required resources. If this is the case, we will let you know and it will be mentioned in the service contract.

Do you offer administration services?

Yes, but only for stores or sites made by us. We do server/platform management and even content creation. These kind of services are taxes monthly or yearly with a discount.

Do you offer web hosting?


While we do have advanced know-how on administering almost any kind of Linux-running server, we do not provide hosting services.

Do you offer printing services?

No. We only create print-ready design. This means you’ll need to find a local/online company that handles printing to actually get a design made by us on a product/banner/etc.. Based on our optimized files, they will be able to print your design onto anything.

Our designs are not standard. They are optimized to fit your brand and improve conversions. We aim to improve the ROI of every client we work with.

Do you have a warranty policy?

We hate wasting time. We’re here to do professional work. We are here to provide premium digital services, are transparent and trustworthy – and we expect the same from you.

You have the warranty of an experienced team, with a rich portfolio and the know-how to bring your project to life – be it a design project or a development project.

Are your offers negotiable?


This being said, the prices you see on this website are orientative. The final price is the price we agree to when talking and when you get an official offer, and that price might pe higher or lower than what you see on this website. But they give a rough estimate on what to expect the cost to be.

Do you offer discounts?

Usually, no.

We might offer some discounts on big/multiple projects or stacked services that are billed at once (like store creation + logo desing).

But for promises of multiple stores or website – one now, one after, and two next years, we offer no discounts.

What platform works best?

We have clients who sell, and sell a lot on WooCommerce, Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop and even OpenCart. The platform doesn’t matter. Any platform can be brought to the required standards from any point of view. What differs is the cost of creating, maintaining, and adding new functions. For startups and companies with a tight budget, we recommend WooCommerce/WordPress stores.

The main idea: scale your online store and choose the platform based on your current needs and in the near future (5-6 years). Take into account that in addition to hosting, maintenance and other changes to the platform that can bring costs, you will more than likely have expenses on the part of online marketing, SEO and other services. It would be a shame not to be able to scale your business because you are held back by too high costs with the chosen platform. Or to be held back by the technical limitations of a platform. Choose wisely, analyzing coldly.

We want to offer maximum transparency, so that you are not stuck on a platform that is expensive to maintain for the point where your business is or that you cannot have certain customizations just because they are too heavy (and implicitly expensive in terms of price and execution time) to add in the chosen platform. We must work efficiently, not act on impulse. Let’s stop falling into the net of marketing that pushes exactly what the client/developer wants to hook.