Redesign and optimizations for Magento store

Mobile ready and custom Magento 1.9

Easy to navigate and optimized user experience is an online store from Romania that sells garden decorations, home and kitchen accesories and many other products.

The project with  went well, as we completely upgraded their Magento installation and custom scripts for PHP 7 and completely redesigned their store. We’ve also added a couple of time-saving features for the operators and managers.

Custom features and adjustments

The goal was to improve the Happymax’s team workflow, as well as make the store easier to use by the visitors & customers.

What we did:

  • complete redesign, custom, based on a Magento theme they already had;
  • template strip-down for increased performance;
  • substantial work on their backend to fulfill their needs (admin product grid with photos and additional data, customized invoices, etc.);
  • added personalized features to the way the platform works with orders, as per the clients requirements;
  • platform and server optimizations, under 500ms TTFB under load;
  • various small fixes and optimizations;