Automotive Presentation website for

Responsive and optimized

It’s no secret we’re where from. So it was an amazing oportunity to create a presentation website for a local business, a car service and car parts store – Automada Jimbolia. Especially since we are their client for a while now, as it is a local business, and their services are top notch.

We love to help out local companies and we admire companies that always strive to help their clients and improve their services and oferings for their clients. In other words, we support local companies who try to get better each day.

So,  is a WordPress based presentation website, meant to better show off the companys offerings locally.

Automada is a car parts store but also a car service and repair service. So it’s more like a complete pit stop, as you can get everything sorted out on a car, truck and even agricultural equipment in one place.

100% responsive and optimized for Local Schema as well as concieved to be informative and easy to use from any device.

Additionally, some specific things were added to help prospecting customers get in touch easily:

  • live widget that shows if the store/service is open right now;
  • instant messaging buttons for WhatsApp/Messenger;
  • easy to change promo banners;
  • on-page SEO optimizations;
  • advanced performance optimizations;

We also did the following:

  • logo vectorization – they only had a JPG raster logo so we vectorized it to be pixel perfect and identical with their vision. Now the company can print and use their logo on any type of promotional material;
  • a set of banners to use on social media;
  • vector icons specific to their niche, to better showcase the service categories they offer;
  • vectorial graphic for a totem-style billboard;
  • the design of an auto air-freshener branded with their logo;