Premium logo design for FrigoVest

Premium and unique

We made a new logo for  FrigoVest , a company from Timisoara. The logo was made from scratch, and aims to efficiently represent the company and what it does – specialising in selling refrigeration tehnology.

The company now has a premium and vector design, that properly represents what it does while setting it apart from its competition. Branding plays a heavy role, especially when your clients are other businesses. That’s why we went all-out on this design and came up with the amazing penguin-typography mix.

True quality

Crafted with a maximum attention to details and pixel-perfect, the logo allows the company to properly represent itself in any medium while retaining design quality.

  • Vectorial – no quality loss on any size;
  • CMYK – print-ready;
  • Delivered in 4 versions: color, grayscale, black and white and clean white;
  • Delivered in all the popular formats for ease of use: .AI, .PDF, .PNG, .JPG;

Coherent representation

In order to ensure a coherent and proper representation of the new company image, a series of templates and materials were delivered.

This means the company had several designs ready:

  • print-ready business card template (front and back);
  • autocolante;
  • social media materials (covers & profile pictures);
  • favicons and digital raster versions at specific sizes;

Versatile design

Through the playful design with the typography and mascot, the design inspires optimism and dynamism. Furthermore, as the penguin is integrated in the letter O and representative for the company it can be used in spaces where the whole logo does not fit.

Examples: favicons for browsers, shortcuts for iOS or an app, watermarks, or as a subtle print in the header or footer of certain pages/letters.

The solid typography inspires trust and stability – values already imposed as the company has over 10 years history with hundreds of happy customers. The specific cyan/blue colors keep things playfull while inspiring the idea of efficient tehnology.

The company mainly works B2B and is now properly represented by the new company logo. This means that the first contact with the brand is a memorable one and inspires trust and professionalism.

Efficient business representation – we also made the presentation website

A coherent and well thought layout allows clients to find everything they need about the company’s products as well as see examples of the products the company offers in action – usually commercial refrigeration products meant for supermarkets and chain-stores.

The services and portfolio offers potential clients the oportunity to discover what Frigovest can do for their company.

Pixel-perfect on any device

100% responsive and optimized for speed, as well as on-page tehnical SEO optimized. A series of functionalities were implemented from the very beginning to help the company be more efficient as well as reduce the time needed to administer the website.

Extra functionalities:

  • Premium cache for a fast browsing experience;
  • Responsive slider, that is very easy to set up and adjust;
  • Integrated with Google Maps, Google Analytics and ready for Google Ads with custom objectives;
  • Personalized contact form that are responsive and easy to use even on smartphones;
  • Portfolio section that is easy to maintain and add future products/works to it;