Mela Fabrics Logo Design

Premium design

We’ve crafted a logo for Mela Fabrics. The idea came from the company’s niche – production of linen bedding on demand with various premium designs. The whole picture was created having in mind that the design and colors used in the design must go well on labels, on a website as well as other forms of packaging and marketing materials (be it online or offline).

The three colors, with the main CTA color being Royal Fuchsia ofer a balance between the main ideas behind the Mela Fabrics team: passion for their craft and the seriousness they offer their clients.

Premium Vector – print ready

The logo is vectorial. This means it can be resized and printed out without loss of quality.
Drawn from scratch, the logo is uniquelly concieved for Mela Fabrics.

The logo was delivered in multiple variants so it could be printed on any type of material – dark or light background.