ExtraPlusEnergy – Magento 2 B2B store


We’ve created the original presentation website, as well as the B2B store for ExtraPlusEnergy, a battery manufacturer and other IT goods store. The store provides the customer with an easy way to buy the products in bulk, as well as providing the brand a way to properly market their products and administer the discounts, products and customers.

The most notable functions of the Magento 2 B2B solution:

  • 100% responsive;
  • Based on Magento 2;
  • Premium and personalized design;
  • Vendor-locked, so only their partners, with an account, can see the products and prices;
  • Ready for B2B with the required fields, for all of Europe;
  • Your agent feature – each client/partner has its own agent assigned, with very visible contact data for the agent;
  • Personalized product tabs and data importing to better inform about product compatibility (batteries and laptop models supported, for easy shopping);
  • The ability to charge a delivery fee based on weight and shipping country;
  • Multi-language: the B2B store comes in four languages: English, Romanian, German, and Serbian;
  • Ready for multi-currency if needed;
  • Personalized checkout form and optimized to be as easy and as fast as possible to place an order;
  • Personalized customer attributes;
  • The capability to show the product gallery and product attributes in the cateogry page and other product lists;
  • RRP price displayed and configured, with specific discounts per customer group;