Logo design for Scalda

Unique and truly premium

We’ve crafted an amazing design for SCALDA, a company from Romania, spotting a bold and unique concept. One of the key requirements we had, was to properly represent the main idea of the brand: wearing ideas on t-shirts. Scalda prints ideas and sayings on t-shirts.

Starting from the main requirement, we’ve chosen the graphical representation of a light bulb and a coat hanger. Every graphic element was properly blended in a professional way to keep the logo simple, but refined with a friendly and warm touch. The client loved it!

The vector logo was digitally shipped in four variants and ready to print on promotional materials. The Scalda logo now speaks for itself: wear your ideas!

The client can now use their logo in any medium required – digitally or printed, without compromising quality and maintaining a proper brand representation.

  • Vector design – can be resized without losing quality;
  • CMYK – ready to print;
  • Shipped in four variants: color, grayscale, black and pure white;
  • Shipped in multiple formats and sizes: .AI, .PDF, .PNG and .JGP;
  • A series of promotional materials for social media were also created by us so the client can start promoting right away.