Label design, logo design and blog redesign for Mananca Bio

Vectorial logo design

We’ve created a vectorial log odesign for, to properly represent the blog and the whole Mananca Bio brand in any medium the brand decides to represent itself.

  • 100% vector
  • printable at any size and on any object;
  • ready to print – color or black/white;
  • CMYK;

From blog to producer

The blog extended by having a shop page. The fresh store section aims to sell authentic romanian products made with the same respect as the whole brand: natural, with ingredients that respect the bio/natural standard and obviously with ingredients grown in Romania.

So the Mananca Bio team came to us for a label design with two keywords in mind: to be simple and straight to the point. So we made exactly that: a series of amazing designs, ready to print, that properly explain what the product is, what the whole thing is about and most importantly while respecting the brand and the idea of a natural product made using traditional Romanian recipes.

The labels were made at exactly the sizes required and delivered in the form of editable templates that are print-ready. This was a requirement so the manufacturer can easily adjust the text and other elements in the future, when new products were to be added.

Delivered: Photoshop CC/Illustrator CC templates, CMYK,at 300 dpi and with fonts ready for print with support for diacritics and mockups for preview.

WordPress blog redesign

The Mananca Bio blog got a major overhaul to better showcase the content and for a better organisation. Mananca Bio offers text and video content, both of which are now easier to follow thanks to the minimalistic and clear design. Proper typography – type of font as well as size, had a lot to do with this.

Responsive and optimized for legibility and speed, the blog is now ready for all of Mananca Bio’s plans. The adaptive design make the content easier to follow.