Logo design Directinmall

Vector unic si pregatit de print

We crafted the logo for Directinmall.com having in mind that the brand will address a wide array of people, as it is a marketplace type of store.

So we wont for a bold and clear design, with minimalist green accents that are meant to catch your eye as well as inspire stability and freshness.

The whole concept was based on ease of use and ease of understanding, no matter the medium in which the logo will be used. From online to tape, cars and even complex packaging, the logo will look pixel-perfect. The client received various variants of the logo, to be easier to integrate in the medium they need.

  • 100% vector;
  • print-ready, CMYK;
  • color palette generation;
  • unique;
  • variants created: color, black and white, pure white and full black;
  • delivered in multiple formats for easier handling;