Landing pages for Magento – WooCommerce – Prestashop

Over the years we’ve created and administered multiple landing pages and promotions for our clients that use any of the following platforms: Magento 2.x, Magento 1.x, OpenMage LTS, WooCommerce and Prestashop. Baseically, a certain theme is followed (like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas, etc.) and usually involves a personalized design change for that page. In some cases, certain elements can be added to the whole store to show off the promotion available or to make a promotion that applies to the whole store.

What this kind of project usually consists of:

  • a dedicated page where the discounted products will show is created;
  • the page can have category filters, and based on the platform even other attribute filters;
  • the design is created and carefully though out for the respective type of promo/deal (black friday, christmas, easter, vallentine, etc.);
  • we implement the changes as well as the page. Custom JS/CSS is then added where needed – if we’re talking of a single landing page, we only add custom code to that page so we won’t affect the page speed of pages that don’t use the respective code;
  • is some cases the page undergoes some heavy adjustments like reducing the number of HTML elements and other CSS/JS code to boost performance in case we have a lot of products shown – the idea behind this is to keep things fast for the customer, even if the promo page is heavier than a normal product category page;
  • in some cases we are asked to take care of everything: we create and apply the design/page, we set the promotionl products and we apply the discounts and disable them when the promo is over. And sometimes, we even create the Google Ads/Facebook/Instagram promotional materials. This leaves the store’s team to deal with posting on social media and handling clients/orders, so a lot of the stress from such a campaign is lifted from the internal team;