Custom CMS to Magento 2 migration for

Complete migration

We’ve completely migrated Cadoria from a custom PHP CMS to Magento 2.3.x, the latest stable version.
Complete migration, including products, categories, images, adding of attributes and keeping URLs in place to avoid SEO issues.

After the initial migration, thanks to the on-page tehnical SEO optimizations, all their performance metrics are increasing and things are getting better than ever before.

Properly done Magento 2

The store has a ton of useful features, performance optimizations and a personalized layout.
It is also integrated with 3D Secure online payments and supports B2B orders.
Something unique, is the ‘find a gift’ widget, that allows the client to browse through a series of recommended gifts based on a few initial criterias (like a specific holiday, color, etc.).

Mobile-first – a great shopping experience

The migration was quite urgent, as their old CMS was not responsive. Thanks to Magento 2, Cadoria is now responsive with a mobile-first approach, works better and clients can shop more reliably and faster. This leads to increased business for the store as well as less complaints from customers.