We’ve created the Husky Advisor blog

Mobile-first approach

HuskyAdvisor.com is a blog about everything related to Siberian Huskies. The blog covers a wide array of subtopics such as caring for the dogs, training them, grooming them and general diet and behaviour tips aand tricks.
We opted for a clean layout, easy to read and highly optimized as it needs to deal with quite a bit of traffic.

  • Complete set up. From the server (cloud server, LEMP stack with fastcgi caching and REDIS) as well as specific stack optimizations and platform optimizations to make sure there are no hickups even in high traffic and uncached scenarios;
  • A mobile-first approach to the whole blog layout and design;
  • Specific WordPress optimizations and tweaks to improve speed;
  • On-page SEO optimizations;
  • Content strategy as well as content creations while having in mind two goals: making things easy to understand and complete & correct in regarding to informing the blog readers;
  • Social media strategy;
  • Graphics and other designs for social media and blog content;