B2B Magento store, logo design & product catalog

B2B Magento store

Premium B2B portal, based on Magento

We’ve created a premium B2B portal for Level of Trade distrbution, based on Magento. Following the brand design, the design was crafted with a minimalistic approach and is focused on fast order placing.

A set of personalized features were added to ease the administrative work, but to improve its partners experience as well. Being a B2B store, some product data is visible only to registered and logged-in partners.

Specific features

Besides the standard functionality of a Magento store, the B2B platform benefits from:

  • responsive pop-ups;
  • custom checkout fields, and partner-specific/B2B checkout fields;
  • companies that want to become resellers can upload a copy of their certificate of registration to proove that they are a legit company and ease the process of account validation;
  • pricing and reseller zone shown only to logged in partners;
  • specific discount features, based on customer group and sales;
  • backend adjusted to make product stock/pricing editable from a grid table, to make editing faster. This way the administrator/operator does not have to enter each product manually to edit pricing/stocks;
  • responsive banners without an imposed limit of placement/number;
  • PDF preview and download for the current catalog;
  • 100% responsive;
  • multi-currency: prices shown in Romanian Lei and Euros;

Logo design LOT Distribution

Personalized, vector and print-ready design

The log ofor LOT Distribution was made from scratch, as per requested. The industrial and minimalist design expresses the fact that the company is a product distributor quite obviously, and the client loved this fact.

The logo looks pixel-perfect no matter the medium it is used (digitally or off-line, printed). The logo looks pristine even on dark or light backgrounds, thanks to the different variants we’ve created for it.

Proper representation

To ensure proper brand representation, we delivered a series of templates and digital files, all based on the new brand design.


  • print-ready business card designs – vectorial;
  • car sticker and other stickers ready to print – vectorial;
  • social media materials;
  • favicons and other versions and sizes of the logo;

Print-ready product catalog design

Two models of product catalogs were also created. This allows the company to have a handy way of showing their partners the latest and best offers. The catalogs are ready to print, thought to properly outlay all the required information about each products, with spaces for ‘star products’, that occupy a full page.

The catalogs were provided in templates too, properly organized on layer groups, to allow the company to easily edit the products and change them each month/quarter. The templates take into account the whole company image and do not stray from its core brand colours and design.