Eye catching designs, innovative shapes, hand drawn graphics

We used hand drawn graphics and specific and different colours which are key elements that help attract the eyes of the consumer, and help them to understand CRISNATUR’s products.

Their natural body butter is handmade so the client wanted to have a clean and classic look.

Every graphic representation of the ingredients was hand drawn from scratch by us with accuracy and approved by the client.

Graphics are accompanied by a bold typography to be as clear as possible for customers what type of product it is and persuade them to purchase.



Comply with the legal norms

Hand drawn

Premium. Unique

Ready to print

We’ve chosen different colours to differentiate body butters but we kept the specific label design for the entire line while making their products stand out on the shelf.


In the highly competitive retail world where shelf space is at a premium – there’s no room for error.  Our experience in design gave our client a solution to maximize their product’s effectiveness and appeal.

The label was crafted with a maximum attention for the fine details and respects the requirements.


There were delivered as:

  • Vector design – can be resized without losing quality;
  • CMYK – print ready color format;
  • Delivered in different formats and sizes: .AI – vector, .PDF -vector, .PNG, .JPG;

In need of a professional label design?

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