Premium WooCommerce store

We made a premium online store based on WordPress WooCommerce with a premium, responsive and personalized design. Based on minimalism and packed with a ton of features that ease the store administration and shopping, the store grants a premium look and feel for it’s customers.

Magenta (process)


Blue (pigment)




100% Responsive

Looks and works great on any device


Premium design - functional minimalism, ready to sell



Blazing speed thanks to premium Cache and PHP 7.1-ready clean code

Feature packed

Shop administration and shopping made easy

Ready to sell

Premium features

The store comes with a ton of great features that are meant to ease the administration of orders, products, categories and different promotions as well as easing the customer’s work when he’s shopping for something that interests him.

Besides performance optimizations and the premium features included, the mindset thorough this project was based on ‘privacy by design’. Secured and prepared to meed the highest standards in e-commerce, the store brings peace of mind to its users and the owners.

Notable features
  • Integrated with Smart Bill
  • Bi-directional sync with the inventory management system;
  • Delivery date estimation;
  • Easy import and export of products with XML/CSV/XLS files;
  • Advanced pre-order;
  • Advanced promo coupons;
  • Auto apply coupon via link;
  • Integrated with Mail Chimp;
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Maps;
  • Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN and Instagram (plus OG tags);
  • PDF order confirmations and slips;
  • Product filtering using personalized color swatches;
  • Premium one page checkout plus specific fields for businesses in Romania;
  • Responsive contact forms with Google reCaptcha v2 as an anti-spam measure;
  • Premium Cache with CSS/JS minify, lazyload and sitemap automatic preload (cache warming);

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