Logo design

We crafted a new logo for DANGO company that properly represents the brand and the products sold by them.

After a close collaboration with their team, we came up with a formula suitable for the colors that match the brand. So, after some consulting sessions, we were able to outline the logo that would be the right logo for the company.

Everything was discussed and redrawn and rethought until we reached the perfect formula. A perfect combination of colors, shapes and typography, so we get a premium logo ready to be the face of the brand.

Going on the idea of ​​flat design and using an easy playful font, we managed to inspire exactly what we need, finally getting a logo that perfectly aligns with the ideas of the brand and successfully represents the company store and their products.



The result is sensational, both we and Dango.ro team are proud of our results. A premium logo that successfully represents the brand.

The logo has been delivered in vector format, ready for print and in digital raster format for use in various locations. The logo is carefully composed, so even in a grayscale / black and white print, it looks very good with the color version, and represents the shop properly on standard or other environments where the Dango team decides to use it.

Combined with the new store based on the Magento platform, the new logo manages to give to the brand more power and a modern look that inspires customer confidence. Thus, the new brand can impose itself on the market as a brand that offers maximum seriousness and quality products to its customers, while being able to be full of vitality and inspiration on its niche.

  • Vector design – can be resized without losing quality;
  • CMYK – print ready color format;
  • Delivered in 4 variants: color, greyscale, black & white and pure white;
  • Delivered in different formats and sizes: .AI – vector, .PDF -vector, .PNG, .JPG;
  • Delivered suggested ready-to-use social media profile photos and covers;

Online store based on MAGENTO

We created for the Dango.ro team a premium online store on the Magento platform. A productive, fast, and efficient collaboration. After building up the functionality and developing the design, we moved all the store content from the old platform to the Magento platform.

The results are in place, and the company can now offer its customers a wider range of products, updated better in terms of stocks and prices, and last but not least, lighter shopping thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-go design.

A short overview of the functions of the store can be found in the list below. The stores we implement are personalized, and we can add various functions to your request.

Store features

Among the standard features offered by the Magento online trading platform and various SEO optimizations / performance optimizations, we recall the most notable added features and work done on the store:


  • 100% responsive, personalized design;
  • Powerful FPC cache;
  • Store integration with Google Analytics for Online Commerce + Goal Organizing;
  • Integrate the store with Google AdWords;
  • Integrated with: Compari.ro, Allshops and Shopmania;
  • Imported ~ 13,500 products, with complete data from 11 suppliers (pictures, categories, descriptions, etc.);
  • Auto update of stocks with certain suppliers at predefined hours;
  • Implemented a number of extensions in the administration pane for easier store management;
  • One Page Checkout;
  • Blog Mode, SEO-friendly;
  • Popup subscription newsletter;
  • Contact form and possibility to add map Google Maps responsive;
  • Dedicated News Page;
  • Dedicated page promotion page;
  • Product sorting filter in color / multicolour with suggestive icons;
  • Online payment integration via the LibraPay via card;
  • A series of video tutorials + free 30 days of consulting;

In need of a professional logo or an online store based on MAGENTO?

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