Fun and representative

We crafted a representative, modern, logo for the team. The store started with the sale of fishing articles and hobby products. The logo is original and designed by us from scratch for fish4fun.

The client wanted a graphic representation of a carp and to keep as possible as we can that realistic look. That’s why we decided for yellow, red and dark blue for this logo.



To take a step forward we added in typography a fish tail and we kept a playful look because the field in which the firm operates allowed us. We also felt like small details like these can prepare a path or leave room for future brand representation and advancement. For example, using this original logo together with the fish tailed letter in a video can be easily animated and make the brand feel more authentic.

The integration of the graphic representation can be easily used in mediums where the entire logo does not fit.

Examples: browser favicon, iOS shortcut icons or home screen icons, watermarks on photos or official documents, in the header of letters and other materials distributed by the company, etc.

The logo was delivered vector print ready colour but also vector print ready black and white + grayscale to be put on any promotional material.

  • Vector design – can be resized without losing quality;
  • CMYK – print ready color format;
  • Delivered in 4 variants: color, greyscale, black & white and pure white;
  • Delivered in different formats and sizes: .AI – vector, .PDF -vector, .PNG, .JPG;
  • Delivered suggested ready-to-use social media profile photos and covers;

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