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Portal of news and reviews

petech is a news site useful in IT, mobile and technology, focusing on both video and video content (via YouTube).

Based on WordPress and with a premium cache and PHP 7.2 the news site copes well with traffic. We also carefully created the logo and branding. The website is powerful SEO and UX optimized.

Petech enjoys constant traffic and the majority of organic. This indicates that optimizations have an effect and content is properly tailored both in quality and in topics for their audience.

You have a link above to the IT news portal

Representative logo design

We also crafted for a logo that can represent the tech blog with success. We chose a minimalist yet representative design.

The binding of carefully chosen and edited typography and the combination of black or white – depends on the environment where it used – and blue, the design properly points out the blog domain.

An eye-catching logo design that stands out and it’s get remembered from the first sight.

A minimalist and powerful design logo that incorporates the idea of ​​technology.

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