Magento 2

Marketplace, fully featured

We created the marketplace, based on Magento 2.

The store is a fully-featured marketplace, with a lot of things included and a lot of possibilities for vendors to sell their products.

The Marketplace functionality has been offered by the Vnecoms extension pack, and they delivered beautifully, as the marketplace has a lot to offer to clients, both sellers and buyers.

We came and added functionalities and built the design of the marketplace, as well as give support and solve a number of critical issues that a marketplace might face. Like adding 2000 product attributes, each grouped correctly, or even creating an extremely complex category structure with a lot of subcategories while maintaining easy navigation for anyone who visits the marketplace.

How we implemented the menu, to make it easy to navigate through hundreds of categories.

Features that stand out

Some of the stuff we did that is usually not present in your average Magento 2 store, or not required due to the reduced complexity.

  • mass imported 500+ categories, with hierarchy, SEO tags, and pretty links;
  • mass imported 2000+ product attributes, along with grouping and ordering in almost 1000 attribute sets;
  • custom menu implemented, fully responsive, and auto-generated / self-updating based on the marketplace’s category structure;
  • fast multi-select layered navigation;
  • lots of custom and meticulous adjustments for the plugins and platform to behave as the customer desired;
  • ready to auto-generate any type of feed: Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog,, Google Dynamic Remarketing etc.
  • custom navigational clues and tips for sellers in their dedicated seller dashboard;
  • advanced performance adjustments (a lot of work due to the complexity of the whole store and how resource-hungry Magento gets when lots of attributes and plugins are present) as well as some Magento 2 specific bug fixing, related to the cache;
  • guiding and tutorialization for the administrator, for working with Magento 2 commands and advanced operations so they can properly manage the store;
  • specific design adjustments, and modifications to existing plugins;

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