Improving and adjusting custom code

We worked on, as per the client’s request we added several new features, improved old features, and also did advanced bug fixing on their custom pre-existing extensions and a major upgrade.

Coupled with advanced performance optimizations, the results were great! The store is now faster, can better serve its clients and it is now easier to maintain and upgrade when needed.


  • Upgrading everything
  • Performance
  • New features
  • Code maintainability

What we did

  • Magento version upgrade;
  • Theme upgrade to the latest version from developer;
  • PHP version upgrade (5.6 to 7.2);
  • Fixing custom book author modules;
  • Completely redid the mobile navigation;
  • Installed, upgraded and configured third-party modules;
  • Added special filter to the layered navigation;
  • Alphabetical index page to look up authors;
  • Advanced code optimizations;
  • Re-did the whole template, better and using the child-theme method;
  • Stripped-down the premium template, to reduce page loading times;

Notable Challenges

Custom Modules

Upgrading custom modules so they work with the new PHP version, as well as extending them was required. Working on custom modules is never easy, and it requires extensive knowledge of specific Magento quirks.

We also dropped in some optimizations and logic adjustments so everything would work faster.

Sometimes, a simple index to the right table does wonders! We managed to severely improve some parts of the store this way, which proved to be useful especially when the store was quite heavy on the database side of things. (due to host limitations among other factors)

Theme Upgrade & theme optimizations

Upgrading the theme was especially tedious as the previous developers have not worked on a child-theme system. This meant that we needed to redo everything in a child theme.

As long as we were at that point we also applied several tweaks under the hood. Tweaks like replacing image icons with FontAwesome icons, that were already being loaded.

We also stripped down the theme. Being a premium theme, it comes packed with code for multiple demos and several functions that the store does not use. Stripping down the theme allowed us to reduce the amount of HTML, CSS, JS, and even PHP code that needs to run.

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