Logo design premium

The idea of a delayed flight is highlighted correctly.
The logo expresses perfectly the field of activity and services that the company offers. Customers will understand the message at the first glance.


From the idea to logo design

vector design

Idea proposed for the logo: a logo that perfectly expresses the services offered by the company and respects the brand colors – orange and blue in this case. A logo design that points out the company's professionalism and at the same time has to have a friendly look.

delayed flight compensation logo
delayed flight compensation logo design company

Correct representation

modern design

We crafted a friendly and expressive logo for the Amanat Zbor team, starting from their preferences and ideas. The modern design is based on the idea of expressing the company field and the services they are offering to the clients. It was requested a friendly graphic representation to make clients to be as open and trustful as possible.

Composed of two parts, impressive typography and the use of expressive representation of elements, such as clock and airplane, it shows a more coherent idea of a delayed flight. The logo successfully represents the company and their message is quickly delivered to potential customers.


Professional logo design

ready to be used

in any environment.

The logo is in vector format, crafted with maximum attention to detail. The logo is ready to be used both in the digital environment and offline – in print environment. Presented in various variants (color, grayscale and black and white), the logo can be printed on invoices and on any type of promotional item, the only ‘limitation’ being the print technology.

The design was delivered according to the specifications and needs of a modern company. The strictest requirements are met in order to maintain maximum quality and also a correct representation.

  • Vector Design 100% – scalable at any size, without any loss of quality
  • Delivered in various popular formats: .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG
  • Delivered in 4 modes: color, greyscale, white / black and clean white (ready to print at any size and on any object)
  • CMYK – print ready
  • Logo presented in various digital materials: dimensioned for use on the company website (logo + favicon) + .jpg and .png versions for use in various scenarios, in various sizes
  • Facebook cover with company logo

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