From blog to manufacturer

The blog expanded with a new category inside by featuring a store. The newly launched store sells only authentic Romanian products, made by respecting the brand and blog ideology – natural and bio products are the best products, especially if grown properly, in Romania.

They reached out to us for a label design that did two things: to be simple, and to clearly outline the product. We made a minimalist design that properly inspires the ‘home-made’ idea and correctly outlines the product type. 

The store already has over 10 products made, all made according to the brand’s philosophy. Tailored to fit the brand, the labels successfully represent the products and are getting a very warm ‘welcome’ by the natural products lovers because they are made from Romanian ingredients, by Romanians with Romanian techniques.


Print ready vector design

Any size, any material

The labels were made at the asked sizes, and delivered as print-ready editable templates, so the manufacturer can then edit them if they launch new products without altering the brand look.

What we delivered: the Photoshop CC/Illustrator CC template files, CMYK, 300dpi and with fonts that support diacritics + realistic mock-up to help the client decide on the final design.

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