Redesigned from scratch

The website needed a refresh badly. Coming from an un-maintained and basically standard WordPress website, we decided to redo it from scratch, as it would have been easier than dealing with all the old version plugins, plugins remains, and whatnot in the previous database.

So we got on it!

Vivid Sky Blue
Maximum Red
Sea blue


Being a one-page website, focused on converting, we needed to be concise, transparent but also engaging for the potential customers to really book a Jet Ski trip.

Not an easy task, but we managed to include everything needed in order for the website to do its job: get bookings.

Alongside some great copy and intuitive information arrangement, people are now more informed and hyped. This means that the actual online or over-the-phone bookings go smoother and everyone benefits from a greater experience: the owner has a site that actually converts, and his customers find out everything they need to know without any hassle.

After the main design and layout was done, we needed some engaging photos and videos. Also some nice way of showing off the features of the available trips.

We took the client’s photos and small video shots, and edited them in order to appear more dynamic, engaging, and full of adventure.

From the received video shots we created a small ‘promo’ style video. The video can also be used as a presentation or intro on social media or other places.


Jet Ski Fuerteventura Redesign

What We Did

Design, Text rephrasing, Photo Editing, Video Production, Performance optimizations, on-page SEO improvements

Blazing Fast

Optimized to perform flawlessly. Packed with a premium cache and adjusted to get the desired look without bulky Javascript or CSS.

Bold and pretty

Call it a hybrid between minimalism and material design or however you want. The whole design stands out and successfully converts visitors to customers on a daily basis.

A deeper look

The website is on-page SEO optimized and the copy has been carefully thought in order to attract customers.

built to perform

100% Responsive and easy to use

The whole redesign was built with a mobile first approach and focusing on offering customers the easiest way to book a trip.

In need of a professional presentation website?

Look no further! We have the required experience to craft a proper website from scratch, for your business.