Thematic temporary holiday redesigns for Magento

The store counted on us on different occasions in order to create thematic temporary redesigns and time based mass product discounts.

And we delivered.

For three separate events, we created a unique store-wide layout based on the specifics of that holiday. Along with the design change, some product prices needed to temporally change.

How we did it

  • at 00:00 hours, the prices were mass-activated, and so was the new layout;
  • it took us about 20 minutes in order to re-index the prices and have everything set up in order for the clients to see the new design and prices;
  • at the end of the promotion/holiday in under 10 minutes we got everything back to ‘normal state’;

Designs for

  • Black Friday 2017;
  • 1 December 2017 (Romania National Day);
  • Christmas and winter holidays;

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