magento online store webdesign

Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 migration

Migrate and redesign for Magento

A complex task - migrating and redesigning a Magento store with custom functionality and custom responsive design.

Future-proof and ready to sell

The project had two goals: giving a well deserved redesign and making it future-proof by upgrading the e-commerce platform that powers it.

Premium Magento 2 store


Personalized and 100% responsive design. Custom tailored to properly fit the brand.

Custom features

Packed with custom and unique Magento 2 features based on client requirements.

Ready to sell

Through solid performance, proper design and using the latest technologies the store is ready to deliver an amazing experience to its customers, and ready to sell.

Premium Features

A series of added features to the premium Magento 2 store:

  • personalized and 100% responsive design
  • sticky product on scroll, with a sidebar-like design (the picture and main product specifications move as you scroll);
  • personalized product slider 3small + 1big product for the homepage;
  • custom auto-scrolling client slider;
  • personalized mega-menu with fluid animation and custom sticky design;
  • custom RMA features with personalized contact form;
  • custom ‘ask for real photos’ for the used products with admin notification;
  • better product search store-wide;
  • custom driver download button for the notebooks and other products that need it;
  • custom animations and transitions;
  • additional info on hover for some product attributes that require additional explanations;
  • integrated Magento 2 Blog;
  • integrated LiveChat for Magento 2;
  • integrated online credit card payment;
  • custom customer groups with different types of discounts;
  • and many more!

Premium Magento 2 design and development

Count on us if you need a proper designed and high performing Magento 2 store. We have the resources and expertise required in order to handle the most complex projects.

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