B2B Magento Store

B2B premium store, based on Magento

We crafted for the Level of Trade Distribution a B2B portal on the Magento platform. By following the colors of the brand, the design is minimalist and focuses on the quickest and easiest placement of orders by the supplier’s customers.

A set of personalized features has been integrated to make it easier for both administrators and partners. Thus, being a B2B portal, certain details about the products sold remained visible only to registered partners.

Specific functions

In addition to the standard features of an online store, the B2B portal benefits from:

  • pop-up responsive;
  • registration with fields for legal entities;
  • Companies that register, can upload a copy of the registration certificate to prove their existence and to facilitate the account validation process;
  • prices and reseller area displayed only for partners;
  • specific discount features;
  • grid to manage editable products without entering each product separately for the administration area;
  • responsive slide banner, unlimited and positionable anywhere;
  • banner download catalog .pdf;
  • 100% responsive;
  • multi-currency: prices displayed in RON and EUR;

Logo design LOT

Custom design, print ready

The logo for LOT Distribution has been made from scratch, being a personalized design on demand. The minimalist and industrial design expresses the company’s sphere of activity: product distribution for partners and collaborators. LOT Company is a provider and supplier of various products, including cell phone cases and other gadgets.

We chose an iconic logo because this form of logo is more effective in this case in communicating the unique brand identity. It can be used together or separately. We used LOT as an acronym from Level Of Trade – from the company name Level Of Trade Distribution. Our client asked for a graph included in logo so we came up with a strong and bold graphic. The integration of the graphic can be easily used in mediums where the entire logo does not fit.


Premium Design

Through our premium design logo service, the LOT Distribution team has received a vector logo that looks impeccably in print on any kind of material regardless of the environment in which it is used or the combination of colours. The design is well contoured and clearly visible even when used in grayscale / black & white.


The logo was delivered as:

  • Vector design – can be resized without losing quality;
  • CMYK – print ready colour format;
  • Delivered in different formats and sizes: .AI – vector, .PDF -vector, .PNG, .JPG;

Coherent representation

To ensure a proper and coherent brand representation, we delivered a series of designs in form of templates  or digital files, all including the new logo design.

We also delivered the following:

  • business card design front/back – print ready;
  • car stickers and other general use print-ready sticker designs;
  • social media profile files (covers and profile pictures);
  • favicon and other digital versions (Sizes) of the logo;

You can visit LOT Distribution website here.

Print ready magazines

We have also created two magazines for the LOT Distribution team so that they can present the latest products as easily as possible to their partners. The catalogues are ready to print, designed to provide useful information. Theirs partners can quickly order from the magazines the desired products – either on the B2B portal or on the phone.

Thought to be easy to edit, the magazines were delivered in various formats, intuitively organized on the layers. Thus, they can change monthly / quarterly or as they wish, to present the latest offers and products constantly. At the same time, the image of the LOT brand does not suffer, due to the use of the same printing press and color palette specific to the brand.

Premium design, ready to sell

Presenting products in a professional manner as well as explaining the features and options available in an easy to understand way complement the premium design by helping them sell the products of their partners.

Easy to update, easy to print

Thanks to the efficient organization of Photoshop files, you can change the products presented very easily and quickly. Thus, there is no additional cost to generate catalogs. After the change, the files are saved in the .PDF format, and any printshop can print them on the paper type you want at A4 size.


  • Project: Magazines prepared for printing
  • Formats: Supplied in PDF and .PSD formats organized on layers.
  • Specifications: CMYK, A4 Portrait / Landscape, Preset Fonts, Specifications (colors / product code / QR code) intuitively inserted for each product, optimized for a clearer presentation of the products.

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