Magento 2

Premium services for creating, improving and optimizing Magento 2 stores.

Why Magento 2 by Sinners Projects?

Because we work clean, as per the specific Magento 2 platform’s requirements and we’re focused on stability, speed and flexibility.

Ai control

At the end of the day, it’s your store on your domain, and on your server. You are not vendor locked.

No hidden fees and you are not tied up to us or someone else. We’re here to help if you need support or maintenance and even a new feature, but you are not obliged to pre-pay development hours or a maintenance plan. Only if you need/want one. We don’t use modern traps for locking people out of their freedom.

You impose the limits

There are no page, categories, products, articles or any other limits. The limit is your server and your needs. That’s it! We never impose limits or remove features. However, we can modifiy your administrative panel so your store is easy to use and secure for you or your employees.

A stable, easy to use store that’s ready to sell.

We’ve got your back

We’re here for you. A Magento 2 store made by us has priority. That means that even if we don’t have a maintenance agreement or anything, when you notice us for any reason we’re ready to help. Even if it’s a bug, a new feature or just something related on how to use the platform.

Each Magento 2 store made by Sinners Projects comes with:

  • Free consulting for choosing a hosting plan or server
  • Free tehnical or general consulting for operating your business online
  • Complete configuration: stack/server config and install, even SSL
  • Setting up e-mails
  • Setting up your CDN if you use one
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Google Tag Manager integrations
  • Live Chat integrations
  • Development clone set-up
  • Integration with any courier that offers a Magento 2 plugin
  • Integration with any payment processor that offers a Magento 2 plugin
  • Complete set up of platform specific settings like advanced shipping methods so you can start selling right now
  • Completely legal, as per the laws in the country your store operates
  • GDPR-ready
  • WebPush integrations
  • Integrated with newsletter-type services
  • Personalized contact forms, without limits
  • Multiple tests before launching the store to make sure everything is running smoothly and without errors

+ everything Magento 2 can do We don’t hide or limit features.

The price of a Magento 2 stores varies based on your needs. We always discuss pricing and the final price you get from an official offer might vary from what you see on this page. We want to be transparent and make sure that you get what you need – a premium store, with correct pricing and clear terms and features.

The price we agree on upon talking, is the final price. There are no hidden fees, monthly payments or any other hidden things.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is hosting included in the price?

    No. Sinners Projects does not offer hosting or web hosting services.

    The prices shown here are informative (the offer you will receive can be lower/higher than the prices shown based on your project’s requirements) and represent a one-time fee. We work project-based.

    We recommend you use VPS/cloud or a dedicated server with at least 4 GB of RAM and dedicated CPU cores for your Magento 2. We do not work with Magento 2 installations on shared hosting plans.

    Yes. Even with OpenMage LTS with the recommendation (but not obligation) to move from Magento 1.x to OpenMage LTS or Magento 2 to be able to benefit from the latest tehnologies like PHP 8 (that translates to better performance) and the best possible security.

    Our prices vary based on what you need. The prices shown on this page are meant to give you an idea on how much would a professional Magento store will cost.

    Most of the time, we require 50% upfront after signing the contract, and 50% when the project is done and it is live.

    We work with the latest stable versions. This being said, we test every plugin we use beforehand, so we can ensure compatibility. And due to some possible bugs in the absolute latest Magento 2 release we might not use that version. It is often the case for when some bugs get fixed after a release and we do not want to finish a project with anoying bugs not solved. Stability, so you can actually use and sell using your store is critical for us.

    This page is referring to building your store using Magento 2 Community/Open Source. We do not use Magento 2 Commerce (their paid version).

    Based on the specific requirements of your project, we might use a series of premium modules with developer/extended licence. This means your store will also have that module up and running.

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