Fast and dedicated help

Every Sinners Projects client gets an account for our Help Desk.
The Help Desk is a ticketing-based platform, that helps you and us stay organised with what's left to do, as well as a great way of making sure the SLA's are respected and urgencies are dealt with ASAP.

We prioritize tickets over any other form of request. This means that when you create a support request, you're first in line.

Already a client?

Just log in to see all your tickets and details about what we are working on together.

Why use such a system?

  • tickets have the utmost priority. This is how we make sure you as a client come first;
  • tickets can be created in the Help Desk platform or by e-mail (just e-mail – it’s that easy!);
  • if you don’t, we can create a ticket for you after a call just to make sure nothings gets left out;
  • flexible SLA’s allow us (and you) make sure we always answer on time;
  • attachments and media added to tickets allow you to describe the problem as clear as possible and us to provide information and guides that you can share with your whole team;
  • every member of your company can have an account, so everyone knows who’s talking with who;
  • secured by design. Everything is encrypted & stored on GDPR compliant servers and is constantly backed up;

Going further

Clients that have a staging / development environment, can also find their access data over here. So we can test everything before your customers see it, to make sure we deliver the best experience.

These projects are also worked on internally on a private Git repository, self-hosted by us. Depending on the case, your team may have access to it or just be informed based on ticket/issue with a more in-depth technical explanation. We love explaining everything, so we can make sure you undestood why something needed to be done and any other relevant details.